Amusement Parks


It is the most famous theme park on the Adriatic coast, one of the largest in Italy according to its size, type and the number of rides: new attractions are added every year, indeed the park constantly designs new shows in order to maintain a high degree of innovation for its audience. Mirabilandia has also a water park in Caribbean style, also known as Mirabeach. Inside you will find places for dining, shopping and entertainment shows. In order to reach the park from Milano Marittima you must take a car or use public transport.

Casa delle Farfalle 

At Casa delle Farfalle you can take a trip dedicated to biodiversity. There are five stages of the visit to learn more about the world of butterflies and insects: the video classroom where you can watch a 10-minute video to tiptoe into the mysterious world of nature; the large 500m2 Tropical Greenhouse where you can observe plants and butterflies from South-East Asia, South America, Africa and Australia; the House of Insects where it is possible to see insects and invertebrates from the three environments, water, air and land, and extravagant species from all over the world; the Butterfly Garden where there are over 20 species of plants useful for promoting biodiversity; il Bruco, a small greenhouse dedicated to local butterflies; and finally the thematic shop dedicated to biodiversity: a place to find kits, accessories, tools and much more.

Via Jelenia Gora 6/D – Milano Marittima
Tel. 0544 995671
Via Jelenia Gora 6/D – Milano Marittima
Tel. 0544 995671


Adventure park with ropes courses in the trees. It is located inside the Natural Park of Cervia. The paths and the activities are suitable for all since it has different levels of difficulty depending on the age. Open from March to October.

Tel. 0544 995671 

Safari Ravenna

Wildlife and zoological park near Mirabilandia where you can find several species of animals. It is possible to take a tour inside with your own car, like a real safari, or by bus, as well as by train or by an electric car. The path allows to meet and admire animals such as lions, camels, giraffes, elephants and zebras among other wildlife animals. Usually the visit lasts about an hour and a half and includes some free facilities like a relaxation area, the possibility to do some horseback rides, bouncing rides for children and a teaching area. Località Mirabilandia – Via dei Continenti, Ravenna

Tel. 0544 690030 

Minigolf Centrale

Minigolf located in the center of Milano Marittima. It opens from early April to late September.

Viale Matteotti, 58 – Tel. 0544 994295

Go Kart Kartodromo Happy Valley

A competitive track to have fun and drive go-karts. Besides, for the competitive ones, it is possible to arrange real races.

SS 16 Adriatica, 74 Tel. 0544 987304

Adriatic Golf Club

The golf club has 27 holes in 3 different locations and it covers 100 hectares of land along the pine grove. Inside the clubhouse there is a bar and a distinguished restaurant. Golf teachers are always available for information and advice. This golf club also hosts national championships and competitions.

Viale Jelenia Gora, 6 Milano Marittima Tel. 0544 992764

Arcade games

Dollaro viale Romagna 167, Mima

Hippy viale Giacomo Matteotti 50, Mima

Paradise viale Dante Alighieri 74 Mima