Excursions in Milano Marittima

In Milano Marittima you will be able to do interesting and funny excursions, suitable for everyone, it’s wide range of choice satisfies different types of interests. Here you can do naturalistic excursions, visit amusement parks or choose the cultural paths for young and old people.


The pine grove, also known as La Pineta, is an exclusive location of Milano Marittima and Cervia. This area is a Natural Reserve that divides the coast from the populated areas, it represents the reign of the cluster pine, a traditional evergreen tree of the mediterranean ecosystem.

It is possible to leave your vehicle in the big free parking area, and to reach from there the thermal footpath (known as Sentiero delle Terme) where you can stroll for a couple of kilometers. Along the path you will find picnic areas, benches and the “percorso vita” (life walk) with equipments which will let you do exercises to keep fit.

The Salt Pans of Cervia belongs to the Delta del Po Park, therefore it is a protected zone with specific features and environmental conditions. In order to visit it you need to contact the Salina di Cervia visit center, the institution that arranges all kind of excursions, from hiking tours or bicycle and even boat tours.

You may choose various thematic paths, some are oriented towards the art and the history of the salt production, others are thinked up in order to discover this peculiar natural zone, allowing you to search for the winged animals that live in this zone. Here, indeed, you can perform birdwatching. As an example of the several species that populate this area, you will be able to find flamingos, pied avocets, black-winged stilt, little egrets, among many others. If you look for an stunning experience we suggest the night boat trips along with an astrophysicist who will teach you the basics of the sky and help you to recognize stars and constellations.

The center arranges children labs to teach how to treat the salt in an interesting way in order to learn about the roots of the sea civilization.

For more information regarding the excursions:
Tel. 0544 973040 – www.salinadicervia.it


New Ghibli: motor vessel docks at the port of Cervia – at the Milano Marittima side. Everyday excursions towards Rimini, Gabicce Mare and Cesenatico.

For more information: Tel. 333 3454558 – www.motonavenewghibli.com

Motonave Rossana: Excursion for fishing lovers, either sport or "touristic" fishing. Motor vessel departs from port of Cervia - Milano Marittima side.
Tel. 0544 973291


In Milano Marittima you will find the headquarter of the Canoeing Club of Cervia, where you can rent canoes and choose guided tours for the sea or for the canal that surrounds the salt pans. The night tour (only available by reservation) is a very unique experience, definitely recommended.
For more information: Tel. 0544 994931


Ravenna is only 20 km far from Milano Marittima, you could reach the city either by train from the Cervia / Milano Marittima train station, train will only take 20 minutes to arrive, or by car. The city has a rich artistic heritage, here you can find 8 UNESCO World Heritage monuments. Among these, the most striking are the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and the Basilica of San Vitale. Also the town is worth a visit, you will be able to admire the famous Byzantine mosaics, Dante Alighieri’s tomb and the historic Classense Library. Besides you can visit the the many shops and typical artisan workshops.
For more information you could consult the Ravenna’s Guide of rivieraromagnola.net

Santarcangelo is located in the province of Rimini, yet only 30 km from Milano Marittima. It can be reached by car in about half an hour. This town of Valmarecchia is perfect to be explored by foot due to its historical center, that twists and turns through its narrow streets and picturesque corners. Among the things to see, you can visit the famous underground tufa caves and the Malatesta Fortress. Not to mention the many viewpoints to admire the whole Adriatic coast from Gabicce to Cesenatico.

For More information take a look at the Ufficio Turistico Santarcangelo: