Cervia's Natural Park

The pine grove is a protected area belonging to a large forest area of over 700 hectares which once expanded from the south side of the Reno River to the city of Cervia.

Today this area remains about 260 hectares in addition to other 30 hectares from the nature park. The wealth of flora and fauna make it a place of great naturalistic interest.

Among the vegetation two species of mediterranean pine trees stand: the maritime pine (Pinus Pinaster) and the Italian stone pine (Pinus Pinea). Along with these we count the populus, oak trees, robinias, mediterranean shrubs like the juniper and evergreen trees like the holm oak. In addition to the greenery areas there are sandy clearings and dunes, wet meadows with tall grass and bulrushes with the peculiar canna lily of Ravenna (Erianthus ravennae). Once you could count many species of flowers, nowadays some species of orchids still survive.

As regards the animal population, the pine grove hosts several wild birds, including scops owl, hoopoe, Eurasian wrynecks, common whitethroat, spotted flycatcher, melodious warbler and the common noctule, rare bat of forests, linked to the presence of large trees.

Wetlands are populated by European pond terrapins and European tree frogs; the waterways and canals are teeming with fishes (Mediterranean killifish, three-spined stickleback) and reptiles (Italian three-toed skink, Aesculapian snake).


Download the map of the pine grove of Cervia.

The pine grove is divided into four areas: Stazzone, Capanna, Dune and Bassona. It has 32 trails that can be covered by foot, bike, on horseback or even by canoe towards the canals that connect the sea to the salt pans.

In summer, the association Amanti della Pineta arranges ecological walks.

Alongside the pine grove you can practice many sports: golf, archery, tennis and all kind of beach sports located a few minutes over the pine grove.



The pine grove includes the Natural Park of Cervia, set up in 1963 to safeguard the natural environment and make it accessible to tourists and visitors.

Situated in the heart of a lively and modern town like Milano Marittima this unspoilt corner not only represents a greenery area, but provides the opportunity to relax between scents and colors of nature, to stroll and discover the wild and domestic animals, to explore the area and enjoy themed trails, such as the botanical path, where you can discover the vegetation and traditional plants including the famous maritime pine.

The Park provides many opportunities beyond simple walks with a rich agenda of events ranging from spring to autumn.You can find picnic areas, bars, fitness paths to keep fit and you can also perform horseback riding.