Milano Marittima is an excellent place for shopping: the downtown in full of shops and boutiques, here you can find clothing, footwear, jewelry, perfumes and gifts, either for adults or children.

Here, go on a stroll to take a look at the shop windows is a must and the shop's window dressing is an art. In order to immerse yourself in the glamour, our advice is to walk in downtown in the afternoon, after dinner and on weekends: these are the peak times where the area is lively and exciting.

Below we suggest some places for shopping that you can't miss.



Historical shop of Milano Marittima with exclusive garments of many Italian and international fashion brands, its shelves store also new fashion talents. Its very creative showcases attract some audience, mostly when people stroll in downtown. Julian has 3 sale points: woman, man and junior.

Woman: Viale Matteotti, 31
Man: Viale Matteotti, 25
Maison J: Viale Matteotti, 1
Tel. 0544 994313 –


Exclusive retail store of some men brands.

Viale Matteotti, 34 – Tel. 0544 994668


Sole brand store specific for swimwear and beachwear, specially beloved by celebrities. It has a colorful and very popular style and inside you can find a coffee bar that has a special mineral water selection.


Specific store for sports where you can find suitable equipment and trendy items for the beach. Besides you can find advice and assistance for water sports, running and cicling, among others.

Rotonda Cadorna, 9 – Tel. 0544 995187


Weekly during the summer (usually on Mondays), you can find the local market at the first Via Traversa, known as 'il Canalino' (that means the little canal).

Every Tuesday evening from May to September, however, along Viale Bologna there is the "Giardino dei semplici", which exhibits the herbalist's market.