House of Butterflies

Inside the pine grove of Cervia there's a special place, the Casa delle Farfalle (House of butterflies) a natural educative reserve that hosts hundreds of butterflies and insects free to move in their own habitat.

The house is composed of a main greenhouse that covers 500 square meters - with a temperature of about 28° and humidity of 70% - and hosts flowers and tropical plants, shrubs, ficus, banana trees and other vegetation which make this the ideal place for guest butterflies that come from all over the world: Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

There is also another little greenhouse, "il Bruco", that hosts many species of local butterflies. Next door there is the house of insects (la Casa degli Insetti), home of many species of invertebrates, crickets, praying mantises, bees, beetles and so on.

The house was founded in 2002 and it was designed to lead visitors on a journey through the beauty and charm of these small and unknown species.