The salt is part of  the history of Cervia since its origins. The processing and production activities of salt were already central in the life and development of this small town even in the Etruscan age. As an essential element in nutrition and food preservation, the "white gold" has continued to be mined from Roman times up to the present day, making Cervia the Salt City par excellence. Nowadays the salt pans are still used for the extraction of salt, both for industrial and craft needs, but they also are a high nature value area not only for the its landscape, indeed it is a recognized Wetland of international Importance and a State Natural Reserve for the animal population.


The Salt Pans of Cervia belongs to the Delta del Po Park, they are composed by the industrial extraction zone called "Saline di Cervia" and by the Salina Camillone, where the extraction with ancient craft techniques is still performed. This process is made for demonstration purposes and is part of the exposition of the finished products and tools that can be found in the salt museum. The Visitor Center (via Bova, crossroads of the Statale 16 Adriatica) is the reference point for organizing tours and excursions to the salt pan, which being a nature reserve is accessible only with a guided tour. You may choose different thematic paths, some are oriented towards the history of the salt production, others are arranged in order to discover the fauna and flora of this place. Here, indeed, you can perform birdwatching thanks to the presence of several species of birds, among these you will find charming flamingos, which found here an ideal habitat.

Some of the tours available by reservation:

WALKING IN THE SALINA - PASSEGGIATA IN SALINA: 1:30 hour naturalistic tour by foot, specific to discover the fauna and flora.

BY BOAT - IN BARCA IN SALINA: 2 hours tour by an electric boat through the channels of the salt.

SUNSET - TRAMONTO IN SALINA, 1:30 hour tour by boat in the best time of the day.

SALINA UNDER THE STARS, 2:30 hours night tour into an electric boat with guided stargazing.

LUNGO LA STRADA PER FIOCOLE, 2 hours walk along the footsteps of the ancient Cervia (Fiocole) with the help of a multimedia guide.

For more information:

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