Milano Marittima's territory

Milano Marittima is a seaside resort with a truly calling for tourism. Here the sea and the beach are the more pronounced character of the area. The area of Cervia and Milano Marittima, however, has some distinctive naturalistic traits that make this place one of the most evocative and unique in the Adriatic coast.

Milano Marittima, indeed, is nestled in the pine grove of Cervia, a protected pristine area of over 270 hectares, which split the populated area from the beach. In the northern zone we can find the towns of Lido di Savio and Lido di Classe, while at south we have Cervia.

The presence of many green zones has encouraged the tourist and residential development in harmony with the environment. Besides the centuries-old pine grove, it was set up a 27 hectares natural park in addition to the salt pans area (827 hectares), a unique natural reserve in the territory and a place that guarantees the production of the famous salt of Cervia.

This natural heritage constitutes the Stazione Sud of Delta del Po Park, an Emilia Romagna national park established in 1988 as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Those who love the nature and want to find out the area of Milano Marittima can choose between many itineraries, excursions and guided tours with different levels of difficulty, not only by foot but also by boat and by motor vessels as well as by bicycle or by horse.