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Milano Marittima – Travel and hospitality

Are you planning your holidays and looking for the right hotel? Here you'll find the best hotels in Milano Marittima, for a trendy holiday or a vacation suitable for families. Be prepared to enjoy a stay full of fun both by day and by night: you can dance in discos and nightclubs, relax in the beach resorts or enjoy the worldly life between VIPs, new trends and events for all ages. Compare prices and book now your accommodation in the hotels in Milano Marittima!

Recommended Hotels

Hotel Boccaccio

Hotel Boccaccio★★★

Milano Marittima
0,3 km 345.0 m 1.6 km
Hotel Derby Exclusive

Hotel Derby Exclusive★★★★

Milano Marittima
0.0 Km 20.0 m 2.5 km
Hotel Granada

Hotel Granada★★★★

Milano Marittima
0,2 km 1.0 m 2.7 km
Hotel Corallo

Hotel Corallo★★★

Milano Marittima
0.0 Km 402.0 m 2.2 km
Hotel San Giorgio

Hotel San Giorgio★★★

Milano Marittima
1,2 km 222.0 m 3.7 km
Hotel Ausonia

Hotel Ausonia★★★

Milano Marittima
1,1 km 67.0 m 3.5 km
Hotel Globus

Hotel Globus★★★★

Milano Marittima
0,1 km 146.0 m 1.8 km
Hotel Adria

Hotel Adria★★★★

Milano Marittima
0,9 km 25.0 m 3.4 km
Club Family Hotel Rio

Club Family Hotel Rio★★★★

Milano Marittima
0.0 Km 58.0 m 1.9 km
Club Family Hotel Palace Lido

Club Family Hotel Palace Lido★★★★

Lido di Savio
0.1 km 1.0 m 4.2 km
Hotel Byron

Hotel Byron★★★ SUP

Milano Marittima
0,8 km 5.0 m 3.2 km
Hotel Europa

Hotel Europa★★★

Milano Marittima
0,6 km 209.0 m 3.0 km
Hotel Nettuno

Hotel Nettuno★★★★

0.0 Km 25.0 m 1.0 km
Koko Hotel

Koko Hotel★★★

Milano Marittima
2,2 km 552.0 m 4.6 km
Hotel Rosen Garden

Hotel Rosen Garden★★★ SUP

Milano Marittima
0,7 km 146.0 m 3.2 km
Club Family Aparthotel Costa dei Pini

Club Family Aparthotel Costa dei Pini ★★★

Pinarella di Cervia
0,7 km 109.0 m 3.3 km