Mirabilandia Park - Info Card

Location: Mirabilandia is located in Italy, in Emilia-Romagna, specifically in Savio di Ravenna. The full address is Mirabilandia, SS 16, 162, 48125 Savio RA, Italy. It is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Distance from Milano Marittima: Mirabilandia is a short distance from Milano Marittima, about 20 km, and the drive usually takes less than half an hour, depending on traffic. It is possible to reach Mirabilandia from Milano Marittima by following the SS 16 state road southward.
For those who wish to use public transportation, it is possible to reach the Lido di Savio/Classe train station and from there take bus 176 or the dedicated Shuttle Bus service.

Tickets: Tickets for Mirabilandia can be purchased online on the official website or directly at the park's ticket offices. It is advisable to check for special offers, family packages, and group discounts to save on the overall cost. Season pass options are available for the entire opening season and there are discounts and reductions for children.

Opening Hours: The park follows a seasonal schedule with varying opening hours. Check the official website or contact the park for updated information on opening and closing times during your visit.

Main Attractions: Mirabilandia offers attractions suitable for all ages. Among the most popular and thrilling attractions are:

  1. iSpeed: an extreme rollercoaster, accelerates up to 100 km/h in 2 seconds
  2. Katun: the largest inverted coaster in Europe, with 360-degree loops and thrilling inversions.
  3. Divertical: the tallest and fastest water ride in Europe, perfect for cooling off on hot days.
  4. Rio Bravo: breathtaking rafting through rapids on board a raft, is one of the park's historic attractions
  5. Legends of Dead Town: the largest horror house in Europe
  6. Oil Tower 1-2: Launches and free falls at 80 km per hour

For children and families, time can be spent on more gentle attractions:

  1. Eurowheel: the highest Ferris wheel in Europe, 90 meters and an exceptional panoramic view
  2. Fantasyland: a mysterious fortress with many intriguing paths
  3. Mini Rapids: water ride for the little ones
  4. Mira Express: monorail to explore the whole park
  5. Monosauro: a journey among the dinosaurs Ottoland: a colorful playground to explore
  6. Santa Fé Express: a train ride discovering Bimbopoli, the children's park

Mirabeach: Next to the amusement park there is also a large aquapark with pools, slides, and water games. Essential attractions are divided by intensity category, from those for families to more thrilling ones.

Ducati World: A unique experience for motorcycle enthusiasts, with simulations and attractions related to the world of Ducati.

Services and Facilities: To make your visit more comfortable, Mirabilandia offers a range of services, including food points, picnic areas, stroller rental service, and spaces for infants with nursing areas for breastfeeding. With the park map provided at the entrance, it will be easy to find places of interest.

Official Website: For more details and updated information, visit the official Mirabilandia website at www.mirabilandia.it.

Hotels: If you want to stay close to Mirabilandia, you can choose a hotel in Lido di Savio or at Lido di Classe

Practical Tips:

  • Arrive early to avoid lines at the most popular attractions.
  • Bring comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions.
  • Check out the shows and special events during your visit.