Vip Master Tennis

The Vip Master is a tennis tournament arranged by the Circolo Tennis (tennis club) of Milano Marittima in which celebrities from the Italian jet set challenge themselves in the tennis arena. 
It is one of the most prestigious events of the Adriatic Riviera and brings to the clay courts celebrities from sports, journalism, cinema and television, among other show business personalities that every year populate the beaches and clubs of Milano Marittima. 

This tennis festival is a show that every year attracts a wide audience of fans and simply curious people who fill the stands to cheer their favorites.

Over 200 VIPs and 20,000 spectators for a weekend of sporting emotions between celebrities, paparazzi looking for gossip, shows and social events. 

Entrance is free and every year the proceeds from sales and donations will be donated to charity. It takes place in July at the Circolo Tennis of Milano Marittima.